Friday, November 28, 2014

An incident that shattered my unagitated mind

Our destiny is a predetermined and unpredictable state of people's cognitive nature. I have seen, heard and know the stories of others struggle and sadness in their tender heart. Their reaction and judgement at the instance of an unfortunate incidents are self controlled and self explanatory upon their own reaction to the incidents. It is an adhoc situation. Nobody can stop and pledge for help. I felt sorry and pity on  the victims of such incidents. I assume to be healthy and boost about the state and condition of my health. And i did never bothered to think about the sudden and unexpected tragedy. But i always pray and plead for the mercy. I knew all of us would suffer from sickness and its consequences and have to pass that critical and sophisticated route. But I was not planned and never expected that worst situation would have to be handle and befallen upon me. I feel stressed and I am in dilemma. My acquiescent mood is going through a circumstances that is beyond my capacity for acceptance and my vast imagination of denial, and I am shouldering the burden delicately with the blessings of almighty without any excuses and favoritism. Indeed I am struggling to accept the reality of possibilities and uncertainty. I condemn the treatment to be injustice and not equal to everyone.

It is not a matter of how you put your effort to tackle the situation and to ascertain it into a favorable and pleasant condition. But it is a matter of time that reckoned and justify the truth and have to shoulder and accept the uncertainty within the short span of our life. There is no rejection and absurd choices to be made of our own decision. The natural outburst of our emotional feelings outrage and parade than the consoling words and sunk our pride and self-esteem gradually into the depth of sorrows and pain. People are bound to ascertain and pass through these unavoidable stages of our life as we proceed to live longer. To grow and live happily,we also have to accept the difficulties and challenges of our unpredictable journey.

We are the victim of our own karma and had to experience the natural borne calamities and disasters in the proceeding stages of our life. Our body is the system that we build dynamically stable and durable and the repeated mistakes and failures emerged during processing coherently destroys the whole system into an error and we mend again to start the process functioning until it get exhausted and totally damaged. 

We are born and everyone must die. It is a universal truth without any exceptions and exclusions but  to end our life, the various life taking concepts and procedures should be a decent and acceptable that everyone could believe and expect to happen. Sometimes the incidents are too harsh and life threatening at an instant. While others takes a time and makes our life miserable and meaningless to survive and deprived of the pain and sufferings. All of the human works and actions are contemporary beneficial and results with a devastated loss. The essence to refrain from such misfortunes is to be alert, ready and fight back with utmost challenges to be safe and clear. The uncertainty of our life is not a distant thing and at anytime it may knock on our door. The reason to fight back and to clear the obstacles should curtail the risk and lead our life, safe and happy ending life. Our life is unfathomable journey that is unknown and unseen.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ara a cup of tea; Bhutanese

A sip of Ara penetrates into your head, It generates a self confidence and special effective features of intoxication are withered upon us. Ara is traditionally and culturally used as an ingredient in the daily life of our Bhutanese society. Drinking alcohol is a mandatory and socially acceptable in our country. Bhutanese consume alcohol irrespective of age and time, although there is a certain restrictions to be followed. Alcohol business is available in every nook and corners of the country and it is a lucrative business to boost the economy.  

Any occasions and celebrations are not so called as grand celebration without a presence of the wine and dine. More over our indigenous games are relevantly well played indulged along with a alcohol. Our Bhutanese society is rich in culture and tradition, alcohol also act as an ingredient and uplift the stigma of our rich culture and tradition. Ara acts as a catalyst between individual and the nature of the Bhutanese society; Ara stimulates a person to act boldly and overcome against harsh and wild natural environment of Bhutan. We Bhutanese normally start to seek the purpose and the meaning of the actual events after intoxication and enjoy the moment in the state of drunk. 

We drink and we become the thirst of alcohol, then there is no limitations to haves and have-nots. "Ara is a cup of tea in Bhutan". 

There is no customs and traditions that our forefathers have served a tea and coffee as a greetings to our guests. And we don't have a culture of celebrating a tea ceremony like Japanese and Korean. Later Suja and Ngaja were served with the Tibetan influential But our parents brewed local Ara using our own available domestic materials in a distinct methodsEuchang (local brewed wine from maize) is a discovery by our illustrious peasants and to brew ara has become a custom and tradition in our isolated country. Offering and serving a Ara is a cultural existence that still prevails in our country. Ara was officially served as a welcome and greetings to our friends and guests (tshogchang). Ara is primarily used in Buddhist religious rituals and offerings to local deities and during religious ceremonial events. Ara is a indispensable part of our Bhutanese society. 

In rural areas, Ara is an intrinsic part of the rural life. Our villagers can drink a Ara from dawn to dusk. Farmers drink for a cause and against their tiring and heavy field works. They are not drunkards and their bodies can resist and but their bodies are not repellent alcohol effectsAra is usually served as an antidote for any issues and also for body dysfunctional problems. The social issues caused from drinking alcohol are lesser in our rural areas compared with the urban areas. Villagers work and they drink to relax their body after a tried-some work, they drink and they work for their life. 

Scenario of Tuesday in Thimphu 

Although our government have tried to minimize the production and the sale of alcohol but the outnumber of trendy night clubs and Drayangs kept on making a good sale of alcohol and escalate the problems.

Thimphu street seems to be isolated and evacuated during Tuesday. They are not secluded and have abandoned the city but they are exempting a day, abiding the law enforcement as a "Dry Day". It is a good initiatives and a farsighted visionary taken by our government to reduce the consumption of alcohol beverages.

It is a major issues to be discussed and to find out the alternatives and solutions at an interest of the public. According to the health report,the alcohol related diseases and the death caused by consumption of alcohol are drastically increased over a year. The law enforcement on the ban of such activities should be abide and encouraged, and to foster the best way to maintain the same trend for the beneficial of our public

Tuesday is considered as the worst day of the week. The night clubs, bars and Drayangs  are all kept closed. The day becomes restricted with ban on a sale of alcohol.     

There are no hustle and bustle in the city. One can really feels the certain triumph of the Bhutanese traditional village life in the modern city. The instinct and the cultured characteristics of the Bhutanese  are still intact and confined. People are friendly in the street and there is no pressure to take a concern and be vigilant. Everyone seems to be inside the home and getting together with their families. Even the alcoholics are likely to be found skipping the daily drinking portion of alcohol. After the dusk, silence and howling of dogs seems rhyming & enchanting to our ears.  

The street lights of Thimphu city are perfectly illuminating without any dangling and swaying of the drunkards. The roads and the street path are clear and there is no one walking through the pavement. There is a less movement of vehicles and it is almost a free zone around the city. 

A dog are very vigorous and howls to every passerby. Street dog’s dwells and it’s the bed for a night to them. Thimphu is everything without wine and dine. City is perfect and calm to live. Tragedy is not a possible and hunger and poverty an unheard word.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meme Yongba's first kiss

The sun was over the horizon, leaving the valley in the darkness. It started to drizzle and the people were reluctantly passing by. Trough the haze, the moon was not clear and the street lights started to shimmered. Human invention street lights exclusively overcome and lights up the ground in the absence of  the sun and moon. I was sitting hopelessly on a sofa, waiting for the bargain hunter customers. I was alone and was about doze off. At a sudden, I heard a clattering sound of a footstep from the outside and it was approaching nearer to the shop. I prepared and stayed readily to welcome my customers. I waited for a moment to enter he/she in. I expected girls wearing high hill to enter but I din't saw anyone coming. To clear my doubtful thoughts, I gazed precisely through glass door to find out who was it. In my astonishment, I saw Meme Yongba entering through the corridor, walking with a support of a stick. At a moment, my hopes and desire was shattered vigorously but I chuckled thinking of my ill desires. Meme Yongba's stick was the reason  for the implementation of my thoughts into nasty ideas. Meme Yongba was walking very vigilantly, with full of distinct facial expression of curiosity and anxiety. I sat back hesitatingly and I didn't bothered about him. I knew instantly about his purpose of visitation that he came to beg money and obviously he is not for shopping. 

He was well equipped with necessities hanging around him. He is not different from any of the street beggars (I am too harsh to addressed him as a beggar). In a while, there was a silence in the room. He was standing still and was murmuring and  showing gestures and pointing at things. But there was no conversation between us. I was annoyed and sitting, having no customers. I couldn't get what he was conveying and I didn't responded to him at once. As customer's were given the priority and preference to serve by the owner, I tried to catch up his expressions and gave full concentration to him. There was a huge confusion and misunderstandings between conveyor and the receiver. I tried to act violently and confused him. He became a pleasure to me. There was no improvements and mutual understandings between us. Maybe I have been little harsh to him and It was all in vain (I just acted to threatened him and time passed with him for my leisure). 

He was attentive and observant at every corner of the shop. I was merely stunned watching at his unrealistic and innocent behavior. But he was certainly lost at something and he was lost in contemplation. He was amazed and his eyes were curious and making comments at something. I didn't observed his flawless attention. Suddenly, I found him touching the mannequin and getting closer to it. It was the ultimate reason to be lost. Instantly my thought was filled with ideas and intentions to dramatize let him work for me. I made up my plan and I started to converse with him normally so that he wont know my intention. I began smiling to gain his attention and seduced him.  He was alert and delighted, when I ask him to hold the mannequin. He stared to me in dilemma and walked away cautiously. He hesitatingly walk towards it and gently touch the hair of the mannequin. He leant over to embrace his disguised love. It may be his first kiss in his entire life. I found he is a passionate and humble lover.         

I was not surprised and I didn't found him silly. He was deeply touched by the beauty of his choices. I think he will nurture and embrace the moment of the day. And I think I should pray for Meme Yongba to find his beautiful soul mate. In my eyes, he seeks satisfaction and happy moment to be cherished. And he got a great  sense of humour. Generously, he can play with love and learn to do more. He can't gain an attention of an audience but I learned a lesson from him. The instinct of love and his first experience to kiss would be memorable and cherished by him. This coincidence and perpetual affair in our society is our human beings love and affections. It is the trend to be continued and live for our own beneficiary and a contemporary habits of all the creatures. Loving and kindness is the weapon to strengthen and hold our weakness into a right position.  

His love story is unheard and unknown to us. It is unwritten and not exposed to the public. There will be no one to write and jot down about his unworthy affairs. So. i think i am responsible to say that he can love and make others happy. I gave him Nu.5 and he vanished happily. But he is not a poor guy, his jeans pocket was full of money crumpled and it was about to slip over his pocket.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ozhen Dorji : An ease to survival.

Ozhen Dorji : An ease to survival.: Our life is uncertain. To continue to adhere that our life is certain and peaceful is a bizarre notion. Anytime and every step we take is ...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

An ease to survival.

Our life is uncertain. To continue to adhere that our life is certain and peaceful is a bizarre notion. Anytime and every step we take is on the verge of uncertainty and it's not predictable. There was a past and we had a moment, But to create a future of ours is a mere, vivid and a rare opportunity that one can summon and expect. Future lies with the strength and the ability to how you are capable to survive. Our life is vulnerable, we can be victimized and threatened at any instance. Everything around us is the source of our threat and survival necessities to our life. The slightest and the tender objects becomes the most vicious attack and our body is gradually a irresistible to natural calamities and disasters. Sometimes a sudden incidences also takes our life lively and mercilessly. Understanding the nature and observing the uncertainty makes us to live confined and firmly.

We understand and we are known about the consequences of our own  fear and our existence of uncertainty. But we manage to live against every realistic truth of the nature. Everyday we wake up and continue the chores of our life. We proceed with success and live correcting with the failures.  We tend to forget about the past and continue to live whatever, it lies before us. Our hope to survive and expectations of the future makes us vigilant. Our mind and body becomes prepared for the worst to come and start living up to our dreams that is beyond our ability to grab and conquer it.  We grow each day with new ideas to live not knowing the fact that the threat and its consequences also grows vigorously.

I am not fascinated and I can't declare that I know about the existence of uncertain but I have felt the pain and it almost took my breath away. It happened to me on the way to visit Cheri Lhakhang, Thimphu. When I depart from Thimphu and started our journey to climb up the mountain from the base of Cheri lhakhang, I was normal and I never thought that the accident would occurred to me. The incidence started on the half way, It was a sudden and I was unprepared to fight back my disorder functioning. It started to pain around my waist and I started feeling restless. I thought it's better to take rest and breath fresh air in the jungle. I stopped to walk and took a rest and sit on the flat rock just on the edge of the footpath. I was feeling totally different and I sat drooping my head on my hands. Then I started to feel giddiness and felt vomiting. At last, my conscious was lost and I couldn't even say a word to Jola. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the ground. 

It was a blank and dark. There was no Lha Karpo and Dray Nakchung's existence.It was a Tongpani, an emptiness.The worldly things and pleasures are out of our sight and it is just an illusion merely created. But my friend Jola the hero of the day was there with me, holding and shouting to me " Dha! hang an cha ya? in a frightened and nervous tone. His words were not clear and it was an echoed sound to my ear. In an anguish, I replied "Hang Awa?", "What happened happened to me?". "I was shocked and nervous". I didn't even felt the pain on my face. I have no idea, so it clearly states and concludes that i too wasn't there and my presence was out of the universe and can't defined and remember myself. Where my soul was gone?, or was my soul lingering around there? There is no definite and absolute answer to prove and nor i can say about my presence of the soul. My existence of my mind and the speech was nowhere. But my confined body without its inner essentials was lying on the ground like empty vessels. The span before i lost my conscious and when i woke up, I was dead, its like we sleep and don't remember a hint of a dream. When i woke up back to my life by Jola, instantly I stood upright and walked away from the main path and stayed behind the tree to hid myself from other pilgrims. My face was covered with bruises and some minor injuries on my shoulder and hands.

I conclude that the earth's light is the best to see and feel it. To let our shadow follow us under the sun and moon is when we are alive. The slightest and the smallest memory can't be carried with us, forget about our  cherish-able body and the  wealth we preserved. The moment of the present is what we can manage and do it and there is no consideration to contemplate about our blurred future. I felt having a friend behind me is fortunate at a crucial time. Friends are for forever.  One cannot survive from a sudden incidences. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Same Thought to Think.

Why people are not recognized. 
Why all people are not popular.
Is career and your designation determines you?
You are the reason for the change or they deceive you.

We seems to be same but with different levels. 
We are all living to sustain and live for our life.
Nothing differs but we got superiors and sub-ordinates.
Distinction corrupts the flow of my mind to peace.

We deserve our own portion of share.
No matters, how big or small we are.
We all have our own destined time and it comes.
You can't claim it but people serves you the best.

When you are young, parents love you.
While going to school, your friends cheers you. 
During college life, you learn and your friends push you forward. 
You are known as boss and Ashi among your friends.
And It was our own flawless time.

It's the duration and the certain ultimate changes,
with the span of change in time and situation.
No one saw you and salute you for your deed.
But you had a great day.
 People around you are happy and cherished the time with you.

In every part, we made and we set the happiness.
Popularity cannot cover you, but u can made the changes.
Small things are the beginning of every boom and bust.
Determination and a vision to grow may boost the instinct.

While young, sharing pencil with your friend made him happy. 
Time changed, you can't pleased your friend like you did before. 
But you can still share it, friends understand you.
Choice and need varies in due with our growth.

Time, place and people change, 
But we are still ignorant and cute as before.
Sharing and loving your happiness with others.
All are bound to get together and feel the warmth of equality.
Differences and stages ruins the nature of humanity.