Thursday, August 14, 2014

An ease to survival.

Our life is uncertain. To continue to adhere that our life is certain and peaceful is a bizarre notion. Anytime and every step we take is on the verge of uncertainty and it's not predictable. There was a past and we had a moment, But to create a future of ours is a mere, vivid and a rare opportunity that one can summon and expect. Future lies with the strength and the ability to how you are capable to survive. Our life is vulnerable, we can be victimized and threatened at any instance. Everything around us is the source of our threat and survival necessities to our life. The slightest and the tender objects becomes the most vicious attack and our body is gradually a irresistible to natural calamities and disasters. Sometimes a sudden incidences also takes our life lively and mercilessly. Understanding the nature and observing the uncertainty makes us to live confined and firmly.

We understand and we are known about the consequences of our own  fear and our existence of uncertainty. But we manage to live against every realistic truth of the nature. Everyday we wake up and continue the chores of our life. We proceed with success and live correcting with the failures.  We tend to forget about the past and continue to live whatever, it lies before us. Our hope to survive and expectations of the future makes us vigilant. Our mind and body becomes prepared for the worst to come and start living up to our dreams that is beyond our ability to grab and conquer it.  We grow each day with new ideas to live not knowing the fact that the threat and its consequences also grows vigorously.

I am not fascinated and I can't declare that I know about the existence of uncertain but I have felt the pain and it almost took my breath away. It happened to me on the way to visit Cheri Lhakhang, Thimphu. When I depart from Thimphu and started our journey to climb up the mountain from the base of Cheri lhakhang, I was normal and I never thought that the accident would occurred to me. The incidence started on the half way, It was a sudden and I was unprepared to fight back my disorder functioning. It started to pain around my waist and I started feeling restless. I thought it's better to take rest and breath fresh air in the jungle. I stopped to walk and took a rest and sit on the flat rock just on the edge of the footpath. I was feeling totally different and I sat drooping my head on my hands. Then I started to feel giddiness and felt vomiting. At last, my conscious was lost and I couldn't even say a word to Jola. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the ground. 

It was a blank and dark. There was no Lha Karpo and Dray Nakchung's existence.It was a Tongpani, an emptiness.The worldly things and pleasures are out of our sight and it is just an illusion merely created. But my friend Jola the hero of the day was there with me, holding and shouting to me " Dha! hang an cha ya? in a frightened and nervous tone. His words were not clear and it was an echoed sound to my ear. In an anguish, I replied "Hang Awa?", "What happened happened to me?". "I was shocked and nervous". I didn't even felt the pain on my face. I have no idea, so it clearly states and concludes that i too wasn't there and my presence was out of the universe and can't defined and remember myself. Where my soul was gone?, or was my soul lingering around there? There is no definite and absolute answer to prove and nor i can say about my presence of the soul. My existence of my mind and the speech was nowhere. But my confined body without its inner essentials was lying on the ground like empty vessels. The span before i lost my conscious and when i woke up, I was dead, its like we sleep and don't remember a hint of a dream. When i woke up back to my life by Jola, instantly I stood upright and walked away from the main path and stayed behind the tree to hid myself from other pilgrims. My face was covered with bruises and some minor injuries on my shoulder and hands.

I conclude that the earth's light is the best to see and feel it. To let our shadow follow us under the sun and moon is when we are alive. The slightest and the smallest memory can't be carried with us, forget about our  cherish-able body and the  wealth we preserved. The moment of the present is what we can manage and do it and there is no consideration to contemplate about our blurred future. I felt having a friend behind me is fortunate at a crucial time. Friends are for forever.  One cannot survive from a sudden incidences.