Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy And Simple: Bhutan's Bontiful Beautifully Blossomed Flowers in...

Easy And Simple: Bhutan's Bontiful Beautifully Blossomed Flowers in...: Up on the mountain, where i can see my village clearly and distinctly just like looking up from the heaven. It is rather like valleys are ...

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Easy And Simple: MY VILLAGE KHALING:                                                                      Dagsa                                                    Jad...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is my Village Khordung (Valley of the wheel). I was born in this vicinity of lush and a plain valley. The present scenario is different and the changes are still taking spontaneously with the upcoming of the developments in the rural areas. Youths seen in abundance in the village, doing against villagers are now slowly going to extinct. Youths can be rarely seen. The dwellers in the village are our aged people and parents. They are fighting against the natural disasters and keeping the village as it is being handed over to them by their forefathers. The unprecedented changes in the village is uphold and seen by them. Everything in the vicinity is natural and the environment is undisturbed. You can really see the heaven on the earth. The ethical norms of our culture is degrading. Youths of today transcend everything else but the proper channel of upbringing is not in a usual way. The etiquette of the youth in Bhutan is the most acceptable and appreciated. But our traditional method of taking care of the old aged parents and relatives are declining and they are left alone on their own. It is our time to dwell and take the responsibilities of our parents. And at this age it's the time that they rest and watch us doing our best up to their expectation. Nothing will be spoiled, if we are integrate and say what others love to hear. Now our acquiescent youths are gone forever. It seems the place with inadequate flourish of the people. Villagers are now accustomed with this issues and they are deemed to be accept it as a natural condition. Things are going to be worsen, if the precautions are not taken before it's too late.  

 All my sisters and brothers grew up and studied in this valley till their completion of high school. But I am the only one, who was stranded and completed the higher secondary school from Jigsher, one of the renowned school in Bhutan. So I am the last person, who have spend the longest duration with my parents. Education is a major factor causing  the rural-urban  migration in our country, and migrating with their husbands. After my graduation from higher secondary school, I was also compelled to move and leave my valley and parents behind to pursue my Bachelor's degree in India and to find the better opportunities in the urban areas.Time comes to every individuals, we have to move to urban areas as our rural community does not have any employment opportunities and better options to sustain our life. If one does not leave their home, he/she may be left as an educated farmer or have to live like other village folks doing agriculture works. As our rural areas are isolated, lacks of basic modern facilities and it's still being a backward area, one can least heard of the outside world and its refrain from all. Nothing substitutes in rural areas and to difficult to sustain. As we youths are influenced by western modernization through medias and thirst to experience the opportunities and skills like other youths do. Staying at rural area is almost forbidden and it has become trend and mandatory that one has to leave or else you don't study and help your parents at home at the earliest. But everyone moves and goes on. No one dares to say "I will do a farming after my graduation ". While our youths are naturally compelled to seek the jobs to be an independent and a better citizens of the country. The eager to go and grab the best opportunity available in the job market is almost a hardest and a challenging in this competitive world. More and the most of the youths are either unemployed or dependent to their relatives. Youths dwelling in the rural areas are either local students or  students studying in the vicinity. They will soon complete their studies and join us. Should i stop my village inmates to come here?. Not possible, They are even better than me. They have to come and see the scenario and the issues of today. To refrain and deplete such upcoming issues, there is lot to do by....

   Jadrung Lhakhang in Khaling

                                                    Lay monks of Khaling performing rituals.

Letter of the Departure

Letter to my friends….
Hi friends,
Memories of our past are those phase that our god is satisfied and looked down to us. It happened just like a very joyous occasions and indeed had some misunderstandings. If i analysis and pondered back to that particular period of time being together with you all, i think we are the shining stars created by god to represent him. The jokes and the teasing to each other are the only things that we laugh and remember just now. we enjoyed all the earthly and heavenly happiness together in all the loops and holes. And now also i hope our past will be existing in the future too. so, my friends our bond for friendship is uncompromisable with any yardsticks present in this world. Our friendship  is beyond the sky and the earth. our memories are memorable and none of us are to be fatuously.”Lets say, our past is a sorrow blended with the sweetness of poetry”.

This phase of reality is going to end at any moment. And god alone will remain with the satisfaction for our remarkable bond that can be even make the sun to stop shining  for the power that we make from the friendship. Again he alone should be the responsible to start our journey of the FRIENDSHIP. The time for the relation is fast approaching to depart. the anguish welling up in my heart ‘ll burst forth like a rain,cloud and shatter my very being. To let this circumstances not happen, i hold, nurture very courteously as like a tender & fragile  fragmented things. If the friendship ends and there is no one near by me, to share my content of my head. I should silently and gently hold my laughter whenever i recollects the bygone days. After you all, i don’t know who will replace your emptiness. I can’t say that i ‘ll not have a better friends like you but i guarantee that there ‘ll be no one to make me, not able to hold my happiness and laughter in my longing heart for your presence. 

Thanking you

Monday, September 3, 2012


GOLAPA(Tshering Wangchuk) crows early in the morning,disturbing our sleepless night & wakes up us hasitingly.He is notorious,funniest & fights til he is satisfied up to his expectation(overcome it). Early in the morning Zala(Topay) smiles & takes away our things.He gives us hope to survive & welcomes everyone happilly(mind it).Che Che(Sonam Dorji) not at all good in fighting & wants all to himself(especially....).but he argues a lot & makes us hot through his authority of speech(feel it).But he can't decide & have himself.JOLA(Pema Dorji) is there to overtake it & have a things to put in a lot.He is powerful & even decides to cut our heads(KHEG-PA) if we are against it(laugh it).Again there is man from bollywood representing as BELA by Tashi Dendup.Negative or fortune might be fallen to us but he decides & fights back(giggle it).BHLANDRA(Nedup Dorji) the Gonok plays foul.He becomes the hero of the match(cherished it).Late by evening,TAK TAK-PA(Jigme Palden) cracks & feel that small pond is the largest & saftest and believe himself until AP Ganga the FISHER MAN(Sonam Nima) drags him into his authority & his place(hold it).BOKTONG(Jigme Namgyal) the sexiest stray dog barks for ever matter & feels good by friends & feels cool environment(believe it).Above all Guru is here to hold & take all away & be perfect by ourselves eachother.And be helping hands that handles care for those who need to lend our hands.XAANG DOO(Ugyen Dorji) simply gazed & be a part of little group that rocks & really enjoyed in our own way. life 'll never be like our past days but we can feel & cherished it. oye missing u all beyond the sky and the earth. love u all. Be good & do good where ever you are,just like before.

What i pursue the most!

I wont let anything to denied me to find the happiness. i'll get it, cost what it may.The pleasure to seek something appealing to our mind is sweet and fresh. If it's not an inspiration,it wore the light of the truth and i'll find the way to attain the warmth of the happiness.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everything is for......

Full moon for the darkness Night.
Bright and radiant sun for shining Day.
Peace and Freedom for a Sleeping Baby.
Rest and Sickness for the Bed ridden Old age man.
Worry and Hurry for the Street Vendors.
Calm and Slow for the Money minded.
Love and Hate for the Parents.
Sharing and Caring for the Friends And Lovers.
Business for the Money.
Studies for the Knowledge and Wisdom.
Religion for the Perfection.
But our Life is for ALL.
In the end it doesn't even matters.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unheard Emotions.

I just listen to others. I don't say a word or utter a bit. My reaction on the spot  is null and dumb. i can't react promptly but i listen to their every word. Sometimes i find myself stammering and can't even open my mouth. My certain thoughts and regrets prompts only when i become calm and settled without any emotions and worries. When my head is free and out of pressure, i start to ponder and never end thinking and try to analyse the best feedback and responsive issues raised upon me. I am acquiescently filled  up with regrets, suggestions and nostalgic thoughts that i can't store in my head.

 My words are not meant to be foretold. I just calmly say in an open air. My words crosses the whole universe in a silence and are heard by the faithful nature. So, i confidently organize and publish as they listen to me. People will just listen and criticize or comment with greed and anger, if they found it is not up to their expectations. They are not fond of people analyzing and conveying. So i want my words to be the words that i thought and dream about it and want it on my own way for my privacy. Nature listens and wept  away my cleansing words with them,  fluttering far far away for the eternity. Nature is the certainty and nature is to be for you. 

Success is the end.

Intelligent and hard work are the only gateway for securing and managing the success in the end. There is no any other alternatives to attain the success. Either we have to be deeply committed into the task or else we have to accept willingly the facts of the failure. Failure should be traced with the ability of our thoughts. Failure should be easily stepped and we should not left the imprints of our footsteps. We should walk easily over it and forbid it. Then we can get the perfection of the failure to attain the success. If not, we have to process on with the abiding hard memories and have to deal with the managed remarks that is not our desired goal. Success may be achieved with the malpractice and by doing in other illegal ways, but the accusation of the act is the worst failure. Success is often said to be the open relationship with the society. Sometimes success is for the relations and for the beauty. In this terms, success is a worst utopian aim. Success should be equal and justice. It should be for the right person and who deserves and really meant for it. Success is for all and success should be achieved with the enormous tranquility of the hardships. Success does not forbid the achievers, rather it makes the society with heart of happiness. Success overwhelms the inner and the outer outrageous enmity of the failure.