Monday, September 3, 2012


GOLAPA(Tshering Wangchuk) crows early in the morning,disturbing our sleepless night & wakes up us hasitingly.He is notorious,funniest & fights til he is satisfied up to his expectation(overcome it). Early in the morning Zala(Topay) smiles & takes away our things.He gives us hope to survive & welcomes everyone happilly(mind it).Che Che(Sonam Dorji) not at all good in fighting & wants all to himself(especially....).but he argues a lot & makes us hot through his authority of speech(feel it).But he can't decide & have himself.JOLA(Pema Dorji) is there to overtake it & have a things to put in a lot.He is powerful & even decides to cut our heads(KHEG-PA) if we are against it(laugh it).Again there is man from bollywood representing as BELA by Tashi Dendup.Negative or fortune might be fallen to us but he decides & fights back(giggle it).BHLANDRA(Nedup Dorji) the Gonok plays foul.He becomes the hero of the match(cherished it).Late by evening,TAK TAK-PA(Jigme Palden) cracks & feel that small pond is the largest & saftest and believe himself until AP Ganga the FISHER MAN(Sonam Nima) drags him into his authority & his place(hold it).BOKTONG(Jigme Namgyal) the sexiest stray dog barks for ever matter & feels good by friends & feels cool environment(believe it).Above all Guru is here to hold & take all away & be perfect by ourselves eachother.And be helping hands that handles care for those who need to lend our hands.XAANG DOO(Ugyen Dorji) simply gazed & be a part of little group that rocks & really enjoyed in our own way. life 'll never be like our past days but we can feel & cherished it. oye missing u all beyond the sky and the earth. love u all. Be good & do good where ever you are,just like before.