Friday, June 27, 2014

Same Thought to Think.

Why people are not recognized. 
Why all people are not popular.
Is career and your designation determines you?
You are the reason for the change or they deceive you.

We seems to be same but with different levels. 
We are all living to sustain and live for our life.
Nothing differs but we got superiors and sub-ordinates.
Distinction corrupts the flow of my mind to peace.

We deserve our own portion of share.
No matters, how big or small we are.
We all have our own destined time and it comes.
You can't claim it but people serves you the best.

When you are young, parents love you.
While going to school, your friends cheers you. 
During college life, you learn and your friends push you forward. 
You are known as boss and Ashi among your friends.
And It was our own flawless time.

It's the duration and the certain ultimate changes,
with the span of change in time and situation.
No one saw you and salute you for your deed.
But you had a great day.
 People around you are happy and cherished the time with you.

In every part, we made and we set the happiness.
Popularity cannot cover you, but u can made the changes.
Small things are the beginning of every boom and bust.
Determination and a vision to grow may boost the instinct.

While young, sharing pencil with your friend made him happy. 
Time changed, you can't pleased your friend like you did before. 
But you can still share it, friends understand you.
Choice and need varies in due with our growth.

Time, place and people change, 
But we are still ignorant and cute as before.
Sharing and loving your happiness with others.
All are bound to get together and feel the warmth of equality.
Differences and stages ruins the nature of humanity.