Friday, October 2, 2015

Voices of young Bhutanese.

I sincerely salute to our young Bhutanese Dolka Tenzin. Her voice on social media provoke and enlightened the most of our Bhutanese citizen. Her bravery write up reach to a thousand souls and brought the truth into the public about the mismanagement and poor decision making of Drukair as a whole. To be de-boarded from the flight was more than enough to get insulted and discriminated to an ailing passenger Mr. Tshering Tashi and his family members. Though the pungent smell of his illness was a main reason to de-boarded  the patient from the flight, the management of Drukair didn't care about the daughters pledges to each and every individuals in the flight and the sentiments of the ailing patient, who was already collapsed and bed ridden. They were blind folded by the wealthy and filthy tourists and all is done in favor of tourists. 

If possible, it could have been  a better choice, if they cancelled the flight of those four passengers and arrange them in the next flight, if they can't tolerate with the patient as priority is being deserved. The majority voting didn't count and the tourists win the unanimous decision and it is the worst decision ever taken by the high officials. They say they care about passengers in the flight, but they didn't saw Mr. Tshering Tashi, who was in a critical condition and needed the most to be taken care by the Drukair.

Drukair's core values are Safety, Service Excellence, Cost-Conscious, Integrity and Team Work. But there is no existence of humanitarian at all to an ailing person. There services seems to be preference and not valid to some person. The first and foremost requirement of the services rendered by a family members was a lame and unforgettable incident happened in their life. 

The prevailing hope and the last wishes of the family member is to get their father treated well and see their father in a normal condition without any dis-functionalities as being a human. But it was a failure at a first  instance, their dreams to treat their father was shattered and heart broken. Everybody needs to tell the story of the public outcry. They are not deemed to be de-boarded, rather they should be rendering help to the patient's family. 

It was the worst and a sentimental moment, when i heard about that incident happened in our country. This incident reminded me of my late father, who suffered a lot while bringing him to Thimphu hospital. When we reached home, he was  collapsed and bed-ridden. His left-side body was paralyzed and couldn't move any further. Moreover he was unable to speak. I couldn't tolerate to see my dad in that pathetic condition. We didn't even heard his last words.

Our family member were all gathered and we decided to admit him to the hospital. We called and contacted the nearest BHU officials but they said its impossible to come to my house and check my father who is suffering a lot. At last, with an earnest request and emergency call, we received a call from Trashigang Hospital that they are sending an Ambulance. It was already midnight, his health deteriorated as time passed.

He was admitted into Kanglung Hospital. There was no doctor, Senior Health officers and the other supporting staff were doing their best and getting an assistance through telephone conversation with the concerned Doctor, who was in Thimphu for an official duties. His health was drastically deteriorated, his eyes were covered by white tissues and there was a least chance of survival. It was a tense and we got least response.

It was hopeless, his condition was becoming more critical and we couldn't do anything and sat holding his hand and see if he was breathing or not, to set our mind with a hope of survival. Next day, my father was admitted into Trashigang Hospital. Still, there was no equipment's for medical check up and he was further referred to Mongar Hospital. There was no sign of improvement and it was getting worsened day by day. 

Finally, they decided to refereed my father to Thimphu Hospital as they couldn't do anything in my father's case. Our last hope was to treat him well and get back him to normal. In the early morning, one health official accompanied us and we started our journey to Thimphu. There was two patients in one ambulance. It was a difficult journey. The patients were lying on the bed and there was no seat for the escorts. Even I became sick inside an ambulance over the bumpy roads and a long distance journey. The entire journey was a sleepless night and a stressful day.

We as a concerned and conscious family members, we reached to our village within 12 hours which takes two and half day via bus. But, it took two and half days to reach Thimphu with an ailing patient. We need quick response and determined decision. With the treacherous road and longest journey, anything could happen to a patient. There should be improvements in transportation especially for an ailing people and health sector as a whole. It would be easy for eastern Bhutanese, if the health facilities are well equipped in Mongar Hospital.

It was late and nothing was possible. These are the flashback that creep into my nerves and makes me to think, whether it is our fault or we are underprivileged to get such equal facilities. The trauma lingers and it grows impatient. 
Being young and having tender heart is not a matter to act bold or to stay quite, it is a right time to move forward and claim the right answers. It must be a tough time to get digested and accept such reactions and see all against them. And it is true that our young hearts don't want to be self-restraint anymore. Time has changed and those days of bullying younger ones are forgotten and everyone deserves their right according the fundamental rights of the people and one shall not be deprived of such rights. 

The voices of our youth should be heard and the actions should be implemented according the scenario of youths today. In order to make our country reliable and to remain an integrated and happiest people, there should be a social acceptance as a youth for the future builder of our country. Youths of today are no longer a youth of yesterday. They are wild, active and knows how to deal as per the situations and the conditions of the matter. Let's us united and act bold to suppress such incidents.