Thursday, March 19, 2015

Goodbye Note, Ode to my Father

It's the same dog that howls in the middle of the night
It's the same tree that blooms beautiful flower in spring
It's the same place that i remember and dream in my dream
It's the same picture that i see and can't forget
It's the same tone that i always yearn to hear, saying baby

There was a moment, i laugh with you
Critics can't criticize and writers can't express
We were selfish that we let them felt sorry
And I was following your perfection way
Because there was no imperfections to let it go

You showed us the perfect way to enter
Where I can't see any distractions with your profound wisdom
You proved to be the best in diverse ways
There is nothing that you left untouched
Your love and care was genuine that everyone respect you 

I was waiting for the right moment
I was indulge with my dreams and memories
The time didn't strike, until the tragedy alert me
Things were complicated and time was steady
It was left with aspirations and determinations lost in paradigm

No matter how we tried, we couldn't hold you
We were helpless to take away your pain
something was missing in all of us
Finally, everything was impossible and complicated
Everything was painful to take in and out

Everyday i am missing you, i mourn upon you
I bet i won't forget anything of you
You are the only person, who will love me thousand times
You are the reason, i want to sing for you
And i will always love you

It's the mind that reminds me you are gone
It's the memories that saves your presence
It's me who thinks you are always beside me
Watching my tears for you, you gonna hold me in your arm
But it's the most impossible task between us

My heart is broken, i can't see you anymore
You left without no words and i couldn't say a word
There is nothing that i can configure about you
I have nothing left to continue my dreams
I want to hold you back and go away with you

I try to act bold and be brave
I am not confused and lost
But I am afraid to forget you without your presence
Suddenly, It's the same thing that i am going through
But It's the same thing that i can't do without you

It's amazing that no one can change my instinct for you
You comes in my dreams and fades away far-flung
I will always remember you in my fragile heart
Because It is easy to smile when you are in my head
I will always pray for you

It's the same person that wants you
It's the same people that can't change
It will be the same time that I will follow you
It will be the same memories I will left after you
It's the same process that will continue forever and ever after

We are all same, bound to go away
No one can change the path of nature
We will cry for the memories
We will continue to honour you and live for you
We will celebrate the triumph of happiness
I pray for your love and happiness
I wish you to rest in peace, my loving dad.
Miss you forever, love you for eternity