Bhutan's Bontiful Beautifully Blossomed Flowers in the Mountains

On top of the majestic mountains, I can see my village clearly and distinctly.
 Where the valleys are flourished and structured for the beauty in the midst of  mountains.
The rivers from the mountains are orderly flowing through the valley benefiting the people.
 A valley is  below the clouds with natural beauty surrounded.
 The silence of the mountain is a real paradise that one can feel and experienced.
I can feel the cool wind whistling through my ears and felt the freshness and conveying peace.
It is truth and fact that our great saints and sages have chosen this momentum.
Where the disturbance from the nature is truthful and enjoyable.

I can understand the stepping and nestling of the rain on the ground.
They splashes upon reaching the ground and make a melancholy sound.
Every little sound produced is a melancholy and enchanting to my ears.
There is a music in every sort of sounds produced.

The dew left on the leaves sparkles with the sunlight like diamond's sparkle.
With another drop, it splashes and forms a heart warming rainbow.
The real state of this mountain is fragile and melodious with the truly natural habitats.
 The sky and the earth is nearly touched with the heavenly clouds clinging in between.

The beauty with natural formation is beyond our human words and descriptions.
I can feel and smell the true fragrance of the natural environment.
It's superior and exhibitant that we can observe.
I ponder that the earth is a place to live with such like environment.

The exhausted journey i ventured is vanished and erased.
The flowers are the god gifted on the mountains intensively. 
They blooms with greater intensity and the grounds are painted with colors.
 The various insects fly and hovers with their sainted smell .  
I can see the color on the mountains.
Mindfulness and tranquility is our breath to take in.