Friday, April 24, 2015

Insomniac Night

It's midnight. My mind wanderers a miles and I thought for a thousand times.  I am still awake and alert with social networking sites.I am figuring out, what to post on my timeline and update status to impress my online friends and make them to comment with impressive feedback but i am confused. My heads are filled with thoughts and my tender heart is filled with emotions to appeal others. I think I could update a status each and every minute. At last I never make a good story and I can't update a status for a genuine reasons. But I like to interact and indulge with their friendly and carefree environment. Am i an introvert person?

I ponder and I lost to grab the insignificant thoughts. I am an insomniac and I don't want to spend my time unnecessarily in sleeping. I am afraid of nightmares and i want to get rid of those lousy dreams and letting me to suffocate.  I find pleasure to stay awake and see more about worldly affairs and adventures. Even though I lack in creativity, I follow efficiently and wisely up-to their limit. If I exceed their limitation, It's not their 

Sun have already set below the horizon towards the west of mighty Himalayan mountains. Sun will rise after few hours. And it has left the universe with dark illusions and bitter cold weather after a shower in the evening. Nature erupts abruptly without any consent, it perpetuates and at last it naturally destroys to its extinction. Nature bring a lots of effects and glory with changes. Now all the lights and illuminating objects are off and I can sense the nerves of blindness everywhere. But there is always a bit of relief after a numerous hectic endeavors.

Moon starts to peep in the midst of clouds and rises higher piercing through clouds above the horizons of mountains and starts to light up and bloom the valley with fainted radiance. It penetrates through all objects and forms the silhouette and dark shadows behind every single objects, identifying the presence of our physical, rigid structure with distinguish shapes and forms. The particular object is formed in dark shadows with no rigid and configured shapes and sizes. It bends and straightens with the source and amount of light. The shadow is a last hope and identification that we are living in the world of darkness. The shadows are easily covered and lost with anything. Whenever we close our eyes, we see dark and it is out of our sight. I prefer to keep my body and mind wide opened and see the beauty of nature.

Sun will rise from the east in the early morning. Our world will glow into a day broad light and people will start its daily routine without any hesitation and regrets. Early in the morning my eyes will be swollen.  I wont be regretting that I didn't sleep well but I may be reluctant to wake up early....Indeed, all I do...... It's a devil's demeanour. I can compete with vampire and be sluggish like a zombie at work.