Friday, November 28, 2014

An incident that shattered my unagitated mind

Our destiny is a predetermined and unpredictable state of people's cognitive nature. I have seen, heard and know the stories of others struggle and sadness in their tender heart. Their reaction and judgement at the instance of an unfortunate incidents are self controlled and self explanatory upon their own reaction to the incidents. It is an adhoc situation. Nobody can stop and pledge for help. I felt sorry and pity on  the victims of such incidents. I assume to be healthy and boost about the state and condition of my health. And i did never bothered to think about the sudden and unexpected tragedy. But i always pray and plead for the mercy. I knew all of us would suffer from sickness and its consequences and have to pass that critical and sophisticated route. But I was not planned and never expected that worst situation would have to be handle and befallen upon me. I feel stressed and I am in dilemma. My acquiescent mood is going through a circumstances that is beyond my capacity for acceptance and my vast imagination of denial, and I am shouldering the burden delicately with the blessings of almighty without any excuses and favoritism. Indeed I am struggling to accept the reality of possibilities and uncertainty. I condemn the treatment to be injustice and not equal to everyone.

It is not a matter of how you put your effort to tackle the situation and to ascertain it into a favorable and pleasant condition. But it is a matter of time that reckoned and justify the truth and have to shoulder and accept the uncertainty within the short span of our life. There is no rejection and absurd choices to be made of our own decision. The natural outburst of our emotional feelings outrage and parade than the consoling words and sunk our pride and self-esteem gradually into the depth of sorrows and pain. People are bound to ascertain and pass through these unavoidable stages of our life as we proceed to live longer. To grow and live happily,we also have to accept the difficulties and challenges of our unpredictable journey.

We are the victim of our own karma and had to experience the natural borne calamities and disasters in the proceeding stages of our life. Our body is the system that we build dynamically stable and durable and the repeated mistakes and failures emerged during processing coherently destroys the whole system into an error and we mend again to start the process functioning until it get exhausted and totally damaged. 

We are born and everyone must die. It is a universal truth without any exceptions and exclusions but  to end our life, the various life taking concepts and procedures should be a decent and acceptable that everyone could believe and expect to happen. Sometimes the incidents are too harsh and life threatening at an instant. While others takes a time and makes our life miserable and meaningless to survive and deprived of the pain and sufferings. All of the human works and actions are contemporary beneficial and results with a devastated loss. The essence to refrain from such misfortunes is to be alert, ready and fight back with utmost challenges to be safe and clear. The uncertainty of our life is not a distant thing and at anytime it may knock on our door. The reason to fight back and to clear the obstacles should curtail the risk and lead our life, safe and happy ending life. Our life is unfathomable journey that is unknown and unseen.