Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everything is for......

Full moon for the darkness Night.
Bright and radiant sun for shining Day.
Peace and Freedom for a Sleeping Baby.
Rest and Sickness for the Bed ridden Old age man.
Worry and Hurry for the Street Vendors.
Calm and Slow for the Money minded.
Love and Hate for the Parents.
Sharing and Caring for the Friends And Lovers.
Business for the Money.
Studies for the Knowledge and Wisdom.
Religion for the Perfection.
But our Life is for ALL.
In the end it doesn't even matters.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unheard Emotions.

I just listen to others. I don't say a word or utter a bit. My reaction on the spot  is null and dumb. i can't react promptly but i listen to their every word. Sometimes i find myself stammering and can't even open my mouth. My certain thoughts and regrets prompts only when i become calm and settled without any emotions and worries. When my head is free and out of pressure, i start to ponder and never end thinking and try to analyse the best feedback and responsive issues raised upon me. I am acquiescently filled  up with regrets, suggestions and nostalgic thoughts that i can't store in my head.

 My words are not meant to be foretold. I just calmly say in an open air. My words crosses the whole universe in a silence and are heard by the faithful nature. So, i confidently organize and publish as they listen to me. People will just listen and criticize or comment with greed and anger, if they found it is not up to their expectations. They are not fond of people analyzing and conveying. So i want my words to be the words that i thought and dream about it and want it on my own way for my privacy. Nature listens and wept  away my cleansing words with them,  fluttering far far away for the eternity. Nature is the certainty and nature is to be for you. 

Success is the end.

Intelligent and hard work are the only gateway for securing and managing the success in the end. There is no any other alternatives to attain the success. Either we have to be deeply committed into the task or else we have to accept willingly the facts of the failure. Failure should be traced with the ability of our thoughts. Failure should be easily stepped and we should not left the imprints of our footsteps. We should walk easily over it and forbid it. Then we can get the perfection of the failure to attain the success. If not, we have to process on with the abiding hard memories and have to deal with the managed remarks that is not our desired goal. Success may be achieved with the malpractice and by doing in other illegal ways, but the accusation of the act is the worst failure. Success is often said to be the open relationship with the society. Sometimes success is for the relations and for the beauty. In this terms, success is a worst utopian aim. Success should be equal and justice. It should be for the right person and who deserves and really meant for it. Success is for all and success should be achieved with the enormous tranquility of the hardships. Success does not forbid the achievers, rather it makes the society with heart of happiness. Success overwhelms the inner and the outer outrageous enmity of the failure.