Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Letter of the Departure

Letter to my friends….
Hi friends,
Memories of our past are those phase that our god is satisfied and looked down to us. It happened just like a very joyous occasions and indeed had some misunderstandings. If i analysis and pondered back to that particular period of time being together with you all, i think we are the shining stars created by god to represent him. The jokes and the teasing to each other are the only things that we laugh and remember just now. we enjoyed all the earthly and heavenly happiness together in all the loops and holes. And now also i hope our past will be existing in the future too. so, my friends our bond for friendship is uncompromisable with any yardsticks present in this world. Our friendship  is beyond the sky and the earth. our memories are memorable and none of us are to be fatuously.”Lets say, our past is a sorrow blended with the sweetness of poetry”.

This phase of reality is going to end at any moment. And god alone will remain with the satisfaction for our remarkable bond that can be even make the sun to stop shining  for the power that we make from the friendship. Again he alone should be the responsible to start our journey of the FRIENDSHIP. The time for the relation is fast approaching to depart. the anguish welling up in my heart ‘ll burst forth like a rain,cloud and shatter my very being. To let this circumstances not happen, i hold, nurture very courteously as like a tender & fragile  fragmented things. If the friendship ends and there is no one near by me, to share my content of my head. I should silently and gently hold my laughter whenever i recollects the bygone days. After you all, i don’t know who will replace your emptiness. I can’t say that i ‘ll not have a better friends like you but i guarantee that there ‘ll be no one to make me, not able to hold my happiness and laughter in my longing heart for your presence. 

Thanking you