Monday, September 15, 2014

Meme Yongba's first kiss

The sun was over the horizon, leaving the valley in the darkness. It started to drizzle and the people were reluctantly passing by. Trough the haze, the moon was not clear and the street lights started to shimmered. Human invention street lights exclusively overcome and lights up the ground in the absence of  the sun and moon. I was sitting hopelessly on a sofa, waiting for the bargain hunter customers. I was alone and was about doze off. At a sudden, I heard a clattering sound of a footstep from the outside and it was approaching nearer to the shop. I prepared and stayed readily to welcome my customers. I waited for a moment to enter he/she in. I expected girls wearing high hill to enter but I din't saw anyone coming. To clear my doubtful thoughts, I gazed precisely through glass door to find out who was it. In my astonishment, I saw Meme Yongba entering through the corridor, walking with a support of a stick. At a moment, my hopes and desire was shattered vigorously but I chuckled thinking of my ill desires. Meme Yongba's stick was the reason  for the implementation of my thoughts into nasty ideas. Meme Yongba was walking very vigilantly, with full of distinct facial expression of curiosity and anxiety. I sat back hesitatingly and I didn't bothered about him. I knew instantly about his purpose of visitation that he came to beg money and obviously he is not for shopping. 

He was well equipped with necessities hanging around him. He is not different from any of the street beggars (I am too harsh to addressed him as a beggar). In a while, there was a silence in the room. He was standing still and was murmuring and  showing gestures and pointing at things. But there was no conversation between us. I was annoyed and sitting, having no customers. I couldn't get what he was conveying and I didn't responded to him at once. As customer's were given the priority and preference to serve by the owner, I tried to catch up his expressions and gave full concentration to him. There was a huge confusion and misunderstandings between conveyor and the receiver. I tried to act violently and confused him. He became a pleasure to me. There was no improvements and mutual understandings between us. Maybe I have been little harsh to him and It was all in vain (I just acted to threatened him and time passed with him for my leisure). 

He was attentive and observant at every corner of the shop. I was merely stunned watching at his unrealistic and innocent behavior. But he was certainly lost at something and he was lost in contemplation. He was amazed and his eyes were curious and making comments at something. I didn't observed his flawless attention. Suddenly, I found him touching the mannequin and getting closer to it. It was the ultimate reason to be lost. Instantly my thought was filled with ideas and intentions to dramatize let him work for me. I made up my plan and I started to converse with him normally so that he wont know my intention. I began smiling to gain his attention and seduced him.  He was alert and delighted, when I ask him to hold the mannequin. He stared to me in dilemma and walked away cautiously. He hesitatingly walk towards it and gently touch the hair of the mannequin. He leant over to embrace his disguised love. It may be his first kiss in his entire life. I found he is a passionate and humble lover.         

I was not surprised and I didn't found him silly. He was deeply touched by the beauty of his choices. I think he will nurture and embrace the moment of the day. And I think I should pray for Meme Yongba to find his beautiful soul mate. In my eyes, he seeks satisfaction and happy moment to be cherished. And he got a great  sense of humour. Generously, he can play with love and learn to do more. He can't gain an attention of an audience but I learned a lesson from him. The instinct of love and his first experience to kiss would be memorable and cherished by him. This coincidence and perpetual affair in our society is our human beings love and affections. It is the trend to be continued and live for our own beneficiary and a contemporary habits of all the creatures. Loving and kindness is the weapon to strengthen and hold our weakness into a right position.  

His love story is unheard and unknown to us. It is unwritten and not exposed to the public. There will be no one to write and jot down about his unworthy affairs. So. i think i am responsible to say that he can love and make others happy. I gave him Nu.5 and he vanished happily. But he is not a poor guy, his jeans pocket was full of money crumpled and it was about to slip over his pocket.