Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter in Thimphu

It's a freezing winter
I can't be a passionate writer
I can't ponder
Everything seems mess and blunder
My hands are numb and trembling
I sense the notion of falling
My thoughts are frozen and shattered 
My consciousness are filtered
I gonna create a memory
That can last for a century

Moon rises gently above the horizon 
I was walking in the street on a verged of frozen. 
There is nothing to mend
Everything subsides in the end

Friday, October 2, 2015

Voices of young Bhutanese.

I sincerely salute to our young Bhutanese Dolka Tenzin. Her voice on social media provoke and enlightened the most of our Bhutanese citizen. Her bravery write up reach to a thousand souls and brought the truth into the public about the mismanagement and poor decision making of Drukair as a whole. To be de-boarded from the flight was more than enough to get insulted and discriminated to an ailing passenger Mr. Tshering Tashi and his family members. Though the pungent smell of his illness was a main reason to de-boarded  the patient from the flight, the management of Drukair didn't care about the daughters pledges to each and every individuals in the flight and the sentiments of the ailing patient, who was already collapsed and bed ridden. They were blind folded by the wealthy and filthy tourists and all is done in favor of tourists. 

If possible, it could have been  a better choice, if they cancelled the flight of those four passengers and arrange them in the next flight, if they can't tolerate with the patient as priority is being deserved. The majority voting didn't count and the tourists win the unanimous decision and it is the worst decision ever taken by the high officials. They say they care about passengers in the flight, but they didn't saw Mr. Tshering Tashi, who was in a critical condition and needed the most to be taken care by the Drukair.

Drukair's core values are Safety, Service Excellence, Cost-Conscious, Integrity and Team Work. But there is no existence of humanitarian at all to an ailing person. There services seems to be preference and not valid to some person. The first and foremost requirement of the services rendered by a family members was a lame and unforgettable incident happened in their life. 

The prevailing hope and the last wishes of the family member is to get their father treated well and see their father in a normal condition without any dis-functionalities as being a human. But it was a failure at a first  instance, their dreams to treat their father was shattered and heart broken. Everybody needs to tell the story of the public outcry. They are not deemed to be de-boarded, rather they should be rendering help to the patient's family. 

It was the worst and a sentimental moment, when i heard about that incident happened in our country. This incident reminded me of my late father, who suffered a lot while bringing him to Thimphu hospital. When we reached home, he was  collapsed and bed-ridden. His left-side body was paralyzed and couldn't move any further. Moreover he was unable to speak. I couldn't tolerate to see my dad in that pathetic condition. We didn't even heard his last words.

Our family member were all gathered and we decided to admit him to the hospital. We called and contacted the nearest BHU officials but they said its impossible to come to my house and check my father who is suffering a lot. At last, with an earnest request and emergency call, we received a call from Trashigang Hospital that they are sending an Ambulance. It was already midnight, his health deteriorated as time passed.

He was admitted into Kanglung Hospital. There was no doctor, Senior Health officers and the other supporting staff were doing their best and getting an assistance through telephone conversation with the concerned Doctor, who was in Thimphu for an official duties. His health was drastically deteriorated, his eyes were covered by white tissues and there was a least chance of survival. It was a tense and we got least response.

It was hopeless, his condition was becoming more critical and we couldn't do anything and sat holding his hand and see if he was breathing or not, to set our mind with a hope of survival. Next day, my father was admitted into Trashigang Hospital. Still, there was no equipment's for medical check up and he was further referred to Mongar Hospital. There was no sign of improvement and it was getting worsened day by day. 

Finally, they decided to refereed my father to Thimphu Hospital as they couldn't do anything in my father's case. Our last hope was to treat him well and get back him to normal. In the early morning, one health official accompanied us and we started our journey to Thimphu. There was two patients in one ambulance. It was a difficult journey. The patients were lying on the bed and there was no seat for the escorts. Even I became sick inside an ambulance over the bumpy roads and a long distance journey. The entire journey was a sleepless night and a stressful day.

We as a concerned and conscious family members, we reached to our village within 12 hours which takes two and half day via bus. But, it took two and half days to reach Thimphu with an ailing patient. We need quick response and determined decision. With the treacherous road and longest journey, anything could happen to a patient. There should be improvements in transportation especially for an ailing people and health sector as a whole. It would be easy for eastern Bhutanese, if the health facilities are well equipped in Mongar Hospital.

It was late and nothing was possible. These are the flashback that creep into my nerves and makes me to think, whether it is our fault or we are underprivileged to get such equal facilities. The trauma lingers and it grows impatient. 
Being young and having tender heart is not a matter to act bold or to stay quite, it is a right time to move forward and claim the right answers. It must be a tough time to get digested and accept such reactions and see all against them. And it is true that our young hearts don't want to be self-restraint anymore. Time has changed and those days of bullying younger ones are forgotten and everyone deserves their right according the fundamental rights of the people and one shall not be deprived of such rights. 

The voices of our youth should be heard and the actions should be implemented according the scenario of youths today. In order to make our country reliable and to remain an integrated and happiest people, there should be a social acceptance as a youth for the future builder of our country. Youths of today are no longer a youth of yesterday. They are wild, active and knows how to deal as per the situations and the conditions of the matter. Let's us united and act bold to suppress such incidents.

Friday, September 4, 2015

YAA, AMA!!! Telephone conversation with my Mother.

I have not called her for a long time.It's been a while that she is apparently out of my mind. There is always a contradiction between us. She never calls me because she doesn't know how to dial. It is the responsibility of me to call her, whenever i miss her. And I often forgot to call her. Sometimes she ask help from others to call me.   Even, when I called to her she never picks her phone; not because she don't want to talk with me. But she always forgot to take her cell with her, when she goes to work. She is busy and she doesn't have a time to stand and stare. Maybe she escapes to attend to our call and wanted to work more without any distractions and nagging conversations. The best time to call her is in the evening hour. 

She is always bragging about how much she is working and wants me to join her. The denial and refusal to her proposal sometimes made me to think more but i don't find any solutions and I oppose it abruptly. But she does not want us to work profusely like her in the scorching heat and freezing weather in the midst of fallow lands. She needs our companion and our love and affections. With the circumstances and mandatory rules and regulations, there is nothing to solve the matters. Understanding and sacrifices is the utmost factor to resolve the problems between us. 

Telephone conversation with my mother is thought provoking and a conceptual talk.We talk friendly and talk a lot about our daily routines. We end up in quarreling and advising each other. 

The normal telephone conversation with my mother:

Jang: Hello Ama
Ama: Halooo, ebi ya, Kotay mo?
Jang: Ong, Jang gela Ama, Ugyen. Hang gumme yelu mala mo? Oga cha ya?
Ama: Hangten gumme yela ya nii, kan tey prus kin nathan-na nay-tha-bak ka tay. Thongmu-lo mala,             gumme-tey yelu mala-na jang-lo.
Jang: U jam ni gumme mayea-lay  rang ran pa gedu ni.
Ama: U cho ogai nong pay yaa. Lay ani zhing cho la kam, U tay jamay tang may la. Maka na , U tay             choni bu, shon-gothpay dangni rang chum-la.
Jang: U ma jam-shi ani mo, das-ta jama la-ko nan. Chas an-thang goth-pa kamni rang sen-la
Ama: Haha...nan gi rang jang-ga yeni yek-cha ko. Mangpu ma-jam shi. Omden waa chang-ni o-fa                 kam Khotkin Tshampa gi manaka gurbu zemu thur jama.
Jang: Yek-pa may ni,  U jama la ani. Ji-ge cho selay ani. Oma bu dong rang cha mo
Ama- Mang-gi Phay ga cha. Om-dhen rang o-fa. Ni, nan-cho oga cha ya?
Jang: Phai ga omasha shake pa. Charo bak kam ni korbay-ga dewaa chowa.
Ama: Korni rang chon cha gewa lako. Charo bak kam dob-ni  Nge-ra U jam-cha gedu nan.
Jang: Maaie, Charo ga chala thur ngolay ani deewa. Hang ani ja-may ya U tey. Sho-ray phang-sha                 jam cha. Tabu-rang cho hang jamay ya.
Ama: Nge-ra U tey ma-jam sho na Kotay, Thinglom yum-pay dang na may. Ma-jam sho na
Jang: Ngera U ma-jama cho hang ja-may ya ni. Dukha U lo nong-pu ma-la. Ngera U ma-jama, Dukha           U kesho ni nan-gi. haha
Ama: E-ba ga-dang ga kebay ya...Dhin khan rang thong mala na. Dhin-khan choni bu salu rang                     mala. U bu maka, show-lay rang nalu mala.
Jang: Hang kebay khelay ya. Mapai yek-pa.
          Toee zawa mo?
Ama: Toee mo? Zawa om-dhen rang. Nan cho cho zawa mo?. Mazaka gedu oma bu.
Jang: Ma-zan shi. Oma Charo gi chos na.
Ama: Hala zalay ya ni. Bee-nang dho ga.
Jang: Oma binang dho ani mo. Tshu-tsay gu sha deewa-la. Yafa cham cha mo?
Ama: Cha khamshu nang-ka, mani drang ni cho-wa.
Jang: Aeng, ni lay hang rang an cha ya otha-cham ka?
Ama: Lay tay chumay ani maka-laa.  Ngam-su khen-ni, lay rang alay galu mala. Zalu khung-ma yorka Waa baka tse make-pa.  Naytha-bak, tha lay phelay odho yek-pa lo, nalu mala.
Jang: Yaya, drikpay Jang ofay na. Namning ran shake pa ani ofay na. haha...
Ama: Odo ni, Lay rumpay ga sha-ma cha
Jang: Haha...tha-ga odho lay nan. Jang-cho hang a-lay ga o-fay ya. Nan tay tha-ga oni kethpu ani                   cho-wa drak-tu.
Ama: Amooow jang!!! Mang-pha na jang lo, rang-ga phay thum-thane tey.
Jang: Ni hang-ta a-lay
          hang awa-sa, ahh.... teru chuma-la may ni


Friday, April 24, 2015

Insomniac Night

It's midnight. My mind wanderers a miles and I thought for a thousand times.  I am still awake and alert with social networking sites.I am figuring out, what to post on my timeline and update status to impress my online friends and make them to comment with impressive feedback but i am confused. My heads are filled with thoughts and my tender heart is filled with emotions to appeal others. I think I could update a status each and every minute. At last I never make a good story and I can't update a status for a genuine reasons. But I like to interact and indulge with their friendly and carefree environment. Am i an introvert person?

I ponder and I lost to grab the insignificant thoughts. I am an insomniac and I don't want to spend my time unnecessarily in sleeping. I am afraid of nightmares and i want to get rid of those lousy dreams and letting me to suffocate.  I find pleasure to stay awake and see more about worldly affairs and adventures. Even though I lack in creativity, I follow efficiently and wisely up-to their limit. If I exceed their limitation, It's not their 

Sun have already set below the horizon towards the west of mighty Himalayan mountains. Sun will rise after few hours. And it has left the universe with dark illusions and bitter cold weather after a shower in the evening. Nature erupts abruptly without any consent, it perpetuates and at last it naturally destroys to its extinction. Nature bring a lots of effects and glory with changes. Now all the lights and illuminating objects are off and I can sense the nerves of blindness everywhere. But there is always a bit of relief after a numerous hectic endeavors.

Moon starts to peep in the midst of clouds and rises higher piercing through clouds above the horizons of mountains and starts to light up and bloom the valley with fainted radiance. It penetrates through all objects and forms the silhouette and dark shadows behind every single objects, identifying the presence of our physical, rigid structure with distinguish shapes and forms. The particular object is formed in dark shadows with no rigid and configured shapes and sizes. It bends and straightens with the source and amount of light. The shadow is a last hope and identification that we are living in the world of darkness. The shadows are easily covered and lost with anything. Whenever we close our eyes, we see dark and it is out of our sight. I prefer to keep my body and mind wide opened and see the beauty of nature.

Sun will rise from the east in the early morning. Our world will glow into a day broad light and people will start its daily routine without any hesitation and regrets. Early in the morning my eyes will be swollen.  I wont be regretting that I didn't sleep well but I may be reluctant to wake up early....Indeed, all I do...... It's a devil's demeanour. I can compete with vampire and be sluggish like a zombie at work.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Goodbye Note, Ode to my Father

It's the same dog that howls in the middle of the night
It's the same tree that blooms beautiful flower in spring
It's the same place that i remember and dream in my dream
It's the same picture that i see and can't forget
It's the same tone that i always yearn to hear, saying baby

There was a moment, i laugh with you
Critics can't criticize and writers can't express
We were selfish that we let them felt sorry
And I was following your perfection way
Because there was no imperfections to let it go

You showed us the perfect way to enter
Where I can't see any distractions with your profound wisdom
You proved to be the best in diverse ways
There is nothing that you left untouched
Your love and care was genuine that everyone respect you 

I was waiting for the right moment
I was indulge with my dreams and memories
The time didn't strike, until the tragedy alert me
Things were complicated and time was steady
It was left with aspirations and determinations lost in paradigm

No matter how we tried, we couldn't hold you
We were helpless to take away your pain
something was missing in all of us
Finally, everything was impossible and complicated
Everything was painful to take in and out

Everyday i am missing you, i mourn upon you
I bet i won't forget anything of you
You are the only person, who will love me thousand times
You are the reason, i want to sing for you
And i will always love you

It's the mind that reminds me you are gone
It's the memories that saves your presence
It's me who thinks you are always beside me
Watching my tears for you, you gonna hold me in your arm
But it's the most impossible task between us

My heart is broken, i can't see you anymore
You left without no words and i couldn't say a word
There is nothing that i can configure about you
I have nothing left to continue my dreams
I want to hold you back and go away with you

I try to act bold and be brave
I am not confused and lost
But I am afraid to forget you without your presence
Suddenly, It's the same thing that i am going through
But It's the same thing that i can't do without you

It's amazing that no one can change my instinct for you
You comes in my dreams and fades away far-flung
I will always remember you in my fragile heart
Because It is easy to smile when you are in my head
I will always pray for you

It's the same person that wants you
It's the same people that can't change
It will be the same time that I will follow you
It will be the same memories I will left after you
It's the same process that will continue forever and ever after

We are all same, bound to go away
No one can change the path of nature
We will cry for the memories
We will continue to honour you and live for you
We will celebrate the triumph of happiness
I pray for your love and happiness
I wish you to rest in peace, my loving dad.
Miss you forever, love you for eternity

Friday, November 28, 2014

An incident that shattered my unagitated mind

Our destiny is a predetermined and unpredictable state of people's cognitive nature. I have seen, heard and know the stories of others struggle and sadness in their tender heart. Their reaction and judgement at the instance of an unfortunate incidents are self controlled and self explanatory upon their own reaction to the incidents. It is an adhoc situation. Nobody can stop and pledge for help. I felt sorry and pity on  the victims of such incidents. I assume to be healthy and boost about the state and condition of my health. And i did never bothered to think about the sudden and unexpected tragedy. But i always pray and plead for the mercy. I knew all of us would suffer from sickness and its consequences and have to pass that critical and sophisticated route. But I was not planned and never expected that worst situation would have to be handle and befallen upon me. I feel stressed and I am in dilemma. My acquiescent mood is going through a circumstances that is beyond my capacity for acceptance and my vast imagination of denial, and I am shouldering the burden delicately with the blessings of almighty without any excuses and favoritism. Indeed I am struggling to accept the reality of possibilities and uncertainty. I condemn the treatment to be injustice and not equal to everyone.

It is not a matter of how you put your effort to tackle the situation and to ascertain it into a favorable and pleasant condition. But it is a matter of time that reckoned and justify the truth and have to shoulder and accept the uncertainty within the short span of our life. There is no rejection and absurd choices to be made of our own decision. The natural outburst of our emotional feelings outrage and parade than the consoling words and sunk our pride and self-esteem gradually into the depth of sorrows and pain. People are bound to ascertain and pass through these unavoidable stages of our life as we proceed to live longer. To grow and live happily,we also have to accept the difficulties and challenges of our unpredictable journey.

We are the victim of our own karma and had to experience the natural borne calamities and disasters in the proceeding stages of our life. Our body is the system that we build dynamically stable and durable and the repeated mistakes and failures emerged during processing coherently destroys the whole system into an error and we mend again to start the process functioning until it get exhausted and totally damaged. 

We are born and everyone must die. It is a universal truth without any exceptions and exclusions but  to end our life, the various life taking concepts and procedures should be a decent and acceptable that everyone could believe and expect to happen. Sometimes the incidents are too harsh and life threatening at an instant. While others takes a time and makes our life miserable and meaningless to survive and deprived of the pain and sufferings. All of the human works and actions are contemporary beneficial and results with a devastated loss. The essence to refrain from such misfortunes is to be alert, ready and fight back with utmost challenges to be safe and clear. The uncertainty of our life is not a distant thing and at anytime it may knock on our door. The reason to fight back and to clear the obstacles should curtail the risk and lead our life, safe and happy ending life. Our life is unfathomable journey that is unknown and unseen.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ara a cup of tea; Bhutanese

A sip of Ara penetrates into your head, It generates a self confidence and special effective features of intoxication are withered upon us. Ara is traditionally and culturally used as an ingredient in the daily life of our Bhutanese society. Drinking alcohol is a mandatory and socially acceptable in our country. Bhutanese consume alcohol irrespective of age and time, although there is a certain restrictions to be followed. Alcohol business is available in every nook and corners of the country and it is a lucrative business to boost the economy.  

Any occasions and celebrations are not so called as grand celebration without a presence of the wine and dine. More over our indigenous games are relevantly well played indulged along with a alcohol. Our Bhutanese society is rich in culture and tradition, alcohol also act as an ingredient and uplift the stigma of our rich culture and tradition. Ara acts as a catalyst between individual and the nature of the Bhutanese society; Ara stimulates a person to act boldly and overcome against harsh and wild natural environment of Bhutan. We Bhutanese normally start to seek the purpose and the meaning of the actual events after intoxication and enjoy the moment in the state of drunk. 

We drink and we become the thirst of alcohol, then there is no limitations to haves and have-nots. "Ara is a cup of tea in Bhutan". 

There is no customs and traditions that our forefathers have served a tea and coffee as a greetings to our guests. And we don't have a culture of celebrating a tea ceremony like Japanese and Korean. Later Suja and Ngaja were served with the Tibetan influential But our parents brewed local Ara using our own available domestic materials in a distinct methodsEuchang (local brewed wine from maize) is a discovery by our illustrious peasants and to brew ara has become a custom and tradition in our isolated country. Offering and serving a Ara is a cultural existence that still prevails in our country. Ara was officially served as a welcome and greetings to our friends and guests (tshogchang). Ara is primarily used in Buddhist religious rituals and offerings to local deities and during religious ceremonial events. Ara is a indispensable part of our Bhutanese society. 

In rural areas, Ara is an intrinsic part of the rural life. Our villagers can drink a Ara from dawn to dusk. Farmers drink for a cause and against their tiring and heavy field works. They are not drunkards and their bodies can resist and but their bodies are not repellent alcohol effectsAra is usually served as an antidote for any issues and also for body dysfunctional problems. The social issues caused from drinking alcohol are lesser in our rural areas compared with the urban areas. Villagers work and they drink to relax their body after a tried-some work, they drink and they work for their life. 

Scenario of Tuesday in Thimphu 

Although our government have tried to minimize the production and the sale of alcohol but the outnumber of trendy night clubs and Drayangs kept on making a good sale of alcohol and escalate the problems.

Thimphu street seems to be isolated and evacuated during Tuesday. They are not secluded and have abandoned the city but they are exempting a day, abiding the law enforcement as a "Dry Day". It is a good initiatives and a farsighted visionary taken by our government to reduce the consumption of alcohol beverages.

It is a major issues to be discussed and to find out the alternatives and solutions at an interest of the public. According to the health report,the alcohol related diseases and the death caused by consumption of alcohol are drastically increased over a year. The law enforcement on the ban of such activities should be abide and encouraged, and to foster the best way to maintain the same trend for the beneficial of our public

Tuesday is considered as the worst day of the week. The night clubs, bars and Drayangs  are all kept closed. The day becomes restricted with ban on a sale of alcohol.     

There are no hustle and bustle in the city. One can really feels the certain triumph of the Bhutanese traditional village life in the modern city. The instinct and the cultured characteristics of the Bhutanese  are still intact and confined. People are friendly in the street and there is no pressure to take a concern and be vigilant. Everyone seems to be inside the home and getting together with their families. Even the alcoholics are likely to be found skipping the daily drinking portion of alcohol. After the dusk, silence and howling of dogs seems rhyming & enchanting to our ears.  

The street lights of Thimphu city are perfectly illuminating without any dangling and swaying of the drunkards. The roads and the street path are clear and there is no one walking through the pavement. There is a less movement of vehicles and it is almost a free zone around the city. 

A dog are very vigorous and howls to every passerby. Street dog’s dwells and it’s the bed for a night to them. Thimphu is everything without wine and dine. City is perfect and calm to live. Tragedy is not a possible and hunger and poverty an unheard word.