Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Success in the end....

Intelligent and hard work are the only gateway for securing and managing the success in the end. There is no any other alternatives to attain the success. Either we have to be deeply committed into the task or else we have to accept willingly the facts of the failure. Failure should be traced with the ability of our thoughts. Failure should be easily stepped and we should not left the imprints of our footsteps. We should walk easily over it and forbid it. Then we can get the perfection of the failure to attain the success. If not, we have to process on with the abiding hard memories and have to deal with the managed remarks that is not our desired goal. 

Success may be achieved with the malpractice and by doing in other illegal ways, but the accusation of the act is the worst failure. Success is often said to be the open relationship with the society. Sometimes success is for the relations and for the beauty. In this terms, success is a worst utopian aim. Success should be equal and justice. It should be for the right person and who deserves and really meant for it.

 Success is for all and success should be achieved with the enormous tranquility of the hardships. Success does not forbid the achievers, rather it makes the society with heart of happiness. Success overwhelms the inner and the outer outrageous enmity of the failure.